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Immortalize your life with Memoreebook


What we do

Memoreebook is a cloud-based system configured to store your data in multiple locations for safety and longevity. We provide the platform for you to document your life story (or that of loved ones).

It’s a simple compact, you provide what makes you YOU and we commit to protecting your story forever. All it takes is a computer and a connection to the internet to get started.


You’re Unique!

The human body is made up of 32.7 trillion cells and there are 3 billion base pairs of DNA that make up each and every one of us.

There’s no doubt you are one of a kind. Add to this your history, story, and adventures. You’re the only you there will ever be.

Preserve that story for yourself and your descendants through the ages so people will know the real you.

Celebrate You!

We are the sum of our memories and only you know your authentic story. Use MemoreeBook to document your life to share with friends and family today and with  future generations. Don’t let your story go untold.


A great gift idea

The perfect gift for the person who has everything. Purchase a Memoreebook gift certificate for family or a friend.



Want to memorialize a loved one? Help cement their story with your memories and encourage others to share their memories as well.


Family Tree

Create your family tree. Add people to your tree in an easy to use interface that lets you build your family history.

Add pictures, videos, and stories to people in your family tree. Consolidate all your family stories in one place.

Family trees are seamlessly connected to friend’s trees so you can easily see information others have added.


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