About Us

Your life story preserved forever

Welcome to our adventure

MemoreeBook was an idea out of the blue. A place just for you and your story for you and your ancestors. This is not Facebook, Twitter, or instagram.  This is not a place for immediate gratification, for showing off or creating an avatar of your life.  This is a place to tell your true story, to share your experiences, and your perspective.

What is Memoreebook?

You can think of Memoreebook as “™Facebook forever”.  We’re committed to selling (not renting) you a piece of the internet to house your life story.  Much like a family plot is maintained forever Memoreebook can tend your data forever more.

What’s planned for Memoreebox?

The system will allow users to store details about;

  • Personal details
  • Photos and Videos
  • Friends
  • Events
  • Stories
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Work
  • Homes
  • Interests
  • Health
  • Favorites Things
  • and a Diary

If you have other ideas for something you think would be important to share please reach out using our form on our contact us page.